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                            BP 222 NEVERS Cedex


Telephone:       (33).

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Contacts:    M. P. Holleville.


Mlle C. Lamirault.



Herd Book gathers nearly 3 000 charolais stockbreeders , which represents a base of selection in clear progression of 112284 cows, 15501 males registered and 30493 cows with Book A, in 1998.

In 1997 the number of charolaises controlled in France knew a light fall compared to the year 1996 with 193 366 cows against 194 422 is 10% of total manpower. That is explained by the fall of the number of herds controlled with in 1997, 4 631 whereas they were 200 of more in 1996.


Herd Book has like objectives to develop, promote and direct the genetics of the French charolais.

The herd book of the registered animals guarantees the origin of the selected animals. Herd Book is in charge of the follow-up of this book.